Test Source Marketing...Is Now Training Local Reps !!!
Begin earning a full time income working part time from the comfort of home...

1. Our System Is Simple...

    *    Post ads online daily (1 - 2 hours per day)     

    *    Check your email account for new team members requesting access to our team training

    *    Reply to each email from new team members with our pre-written email response

    *    YOU get paid $25.00 CASH per new team member's email you reply too...


    2. Our System Is PROVEN To Work...

    *    Our system has been earning $1,000's daily since 2010

    *    We supply Pre-written ads to post online (these ads have been used to earn $200 per day)

    *    No cold calling, No selling, No chasing your friends like a jerk

   *    Our website does all the explaining for you...you NEVER speak to a prospect

1. Step One...Register For Our Email Processing Training (EPS Training)

    *    Click the Get Started Today button below, you will be taken to PayPal    

    *    You will pay your ONE TIME membership fee of $25

    *    You will then complete your EPS Training registration.  Upon completion, you will recieve
           an email from our office with your login information for you to begin training.

2. Step Two...Complete Your EPS Training

    *    You will complete your EPS Training (30 minutes tops)

    *    You will learn how to post our Pre-written ads online FREE

    *    You will learn how to process emails (send our pre-written email to new team members)

3. Step Three...Begin Posting Ads & Earning $25 Per Email You Process

    *    You will begin posting ads online each day (1 - 2 hours per day)   

    *    You will process all inquires for access to our EPS Training by sending each new team member our            Pre-written follow up email, once that new team member has emailed you (No Selling Of Any Kind).

    *    You will be paid directly $25 CASH per new team member email you process.

I Simply...Post Ads Online & Process Each New Team Member's Email
And Receive $25.00 Payments...OVER and OVER and OVER Again

No Selling, No Phone Calls, No Chasing Friends And Families Like A Jerk...

For All Questions Contact Our Support Team:  Support@TsmJobs.com

Thank you for your time & best wishes,

Darrell - Tsm CEO

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