The Economy Is In A Mess...Here's Your Way Out !!!
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Please Read The Following Short Letter VERY Carefully

To All Who Will Listen,

I’m writing this letter to address a concern that I have seen developing. I’ve just seen a horrible statistic about the layoffs and unemployment problem. I’m not talking about the lies our governments feed us

I’m talking about the true numbers, and they are not good. I think we all know people who have been laid off and been unable to find another job, or found another position that pays far less. 

We all seem to know the economy is worse off than the government is saying, but no one seems to know what to do, so we all seem to simply do nothing.

You see, we were all taught that getting steady employment was the way to fulfillment and happiness. Instead, it’s lead to uncertainty and a complete lack of control over our lives

Now, over the last few years (about 10 years or so) steady employment with the big company in town became a joke and good pay raises seemed to have become nothing more than a hopefull bedtime story your grandfather would tell as he would tuck you into bed.

Plan A Isn't Working...You Need A Plan B
(Tell me if this sounds familiar)

The Average Household With A Couple Of Kids:

 1.  Wake up early and rush to get yourself and the kids dressed

 2. Send the kids off to school or daycare

 3. Rush off to work for 8 - 14 hours

 4. Rush home to the kids

 5. Make dinner (eat so quickly your barely taste it)

 6. Pay some bills (you probably can't cover all of them)

 7. If your lucky, you catch a re-run of Senfield and fall asleep on your couch

 8. Before you know it, the alarm RINGS and the RAT RACE starts all over

Here's Your Plan B...Your Way Out Of The Rat Race Of Life
(Not A Get Rich Quick...But A Real Plan That Has Worked For Years )

No Selling, No Phone Calls, No Chasing Friends And Families Like A Jerk...

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Thank you for your time & best wishes,

Darrell - Tsm CEO

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